How To Get Google First Place

Nov 2014 Everyone wants to know how to get Google first place. Some people (where did you find this site?) have that knowledge: most don’t. What the most don’t seem to realise is that the some aren’t particularly guarded or secretive about what they know. They are, on the whole, perfectly willing to tell you exactly how to get Google first place, because the answer, almost without exception, is “by doing stuff that takes so long to do properly you might as well leave it to me”.

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Sounds typical, but it’s true. In this case, at least, you’re not being delivered a hard sell. Yes, you can learn how to get Google first place on your own, and you can even go ahead and do it – but it’ll take you so much time just to stay there that you’ll never be able to do whatever it is your company or site was supposed to be doing before you got side tracked. How to get Google first place is, devote yourself to a full time Search Engine Optimisation job. Or let someone else do the grunt work so you can carry on keeping your business going.

Those who know, know that retaining a top spot on Google requires some seriously fancy footwork. Take, for example, the issue of content. You probably know how to get Google first place rankings through content: you have to research your keywords, and then create site content, articles, press releases and so on containing a good smattering of those words. Not too many, mind, or Google will find you guilty of “keyword stuffing” and throw you off its pages; and not too few, or it won’t connect you with what you are selling.

OK. So you know how to get Google first place using the text in and around your site. Do you know where to submit that text other than actually on your site? And did you know that you need to keep refreshing it (so basically coming up with entirely original, non-copied new versions of it) – practically every week? And do you have the time to do that? Come to think of it, all those out there who know how to get Google first place by juggling their content: do you know how to research workable key words? Ones that aren’t already choked with competition, or have too many backlinks to other sites? Do you know what a “backlink” is?

You’re probably starting to see what we mean. There’s quite a difference between knowing how to get Google first place rankings and actually getting them. It’s like the difference between knowing that you need a shuttle to get into space and actually being able to build one. So get on board, and trust that the engineers have sorted all that escape velocity nonsense for you: or read, research, and find out how to get Google first place listings for yourself, for real.

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